Calypso IPL treatments

Price and treatment plan by consultation 

IPL Brazilian

Permanent Reduction no more painful waxing


IPL underarms

No more underarm razor rash


IPL consultation

explain the process, expectations and likely outcomes, Test patch the area approx 30 mins


IPL lip

duration of session is approx 15 min


IPL facial hair removal

this takes approx 30 mins


IPL half leg

this takes approx 45 mins


IPL Tummy or lower Back

duration of this session is approx 45 mins

From $80

IPL Bikini

this takes approx 20 mins


IPL Spot/Maintenance treatment

This service is for clients that have completed a 8-10 course but may have hormonal growth or start another area and want to keep reducing the growth of the first areas 


IPL full leg

This can take 45 minutes

From $280

IPL full facial rejuvenation

session takes approx 45 mins


IPL Areola 

This takes approx 15 mins.