Quality starts with the understanding our clients needs.

We are a service driven business and understanding what our clients want as an outcome ensures that we offer what they need, how they need it and to a standard of excellence. this way you can be confident that you will be looked after appropriately, receive the highest standard of service and excellent value for money. 

Our Staff.

Kirsty Little

Owner, Kirsty little is a highly qualified and experienced hair stylist and beautician. She has a large knowledge base that allows her to guide clients to the best service  you will get in the region. No stone is left un-turned to ensure you get a great experience and a fantastic outcome from your visit to Calypso.


Morgan joins us as a new senior member of the team. She brings a good background in nursing and a wide range of experience in both Beauty and hair. Her work is of a high standard and Morgan always has a focus on ensuring the client receives the best service and outcome that they desire and deserve.

 Devi Hamilton

Devi is trained in laser therapy and offers clients the highest quality of treatments and services. Having qualified as an enrolled nurse, she brings great knowledge of how the skin and body will respond to the variety of treatments offered and how best to get the outcome that a client is looking for.  You are in the best of hands.

Emma Swanwick

A third year apprentice who works under the guidance of Kirsty and Morgan in all things hair. She is passionate about learning and giving the best standard of service, she brings good background knowledge and understanding her developing skills and greatly enjoys working in a salon where quality and excellence is highly regarded.