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The salon has been operating for more than 12 years and is renowned for its quality of work in hairdressing, and regionally leading the way in advanced beauty treatments. Come take a tour of our clinic and find a service that best meets your requirements. 

Relax and enjoy

Located in Makarewa  just off the Winton-Lorneville highway but still within Invercargill city limits, the setting is quiet and private, as you follow the path from the parking area to the salon take in the gardens, the lush foliage and not to mention the grape vines over head.  Be transported to a feeling of relaxation while you spend your time with us. 

Quality products.

We are proud to use and endorse the Fanola Colour range and hair products we are focused on preserving the integrity of your hairs internal health, when lightening the hair we use fibre fix, a product that increases the bonds within your hair ensuring that minimal damage is done and your hair will stay healthy and strong. With the additional protection of using salon take home products such as Tigi Copyright shampoos, conditioners and having a regular three monthly Keratin Protein treatment through this combination we can ensure that your hair gets the best treatment and care. 

Skincare is our passion and we are the only Clinic in Southland with the beautiful Italian Vagheggi Range, an extensive range of phytocosmetics with the perfect product for all skin types and lifestyles. The Vagheggi laboratories use molecules from plants worldwide for specific benefits and actions beneficial to different skins needs and problems, products are tested under dermatological and microbiological control and for nickel, and packaged using eco-friendly paper and containers that do not release phthalates

Quality Advanced services

The salon has been providing clients with its high standard of service for more than 12 years  and continues to increase the services offered while keeping the prices affordable.

This unique little studio has grown in size and advanced its services over the past ten years, other than a wide range of Hairdressing and Beauty services we stride to provide Southland with new technology. Having been the first to introduce the patented EFB IPL Laser to Southland over seven years ago clients can be well assured that staff are more than advanced in its operation and are in the safest hands.

Microblading/Cosmetic Tattooing was completed in Bangkok five years ago under a talented young lady that took out the International Korean Microblading title and two year ago we became the first Southland Clinic to introduce the Plasma PlaxPot Pen, an amazing new soft surgery treatment in advanced skin rejuvenation without the surgical down time.

For a full list of advanced services visit our comprehensive services page  all advanced services require a consultation, including medical history being completed to ensure clients meet the requirements.

Hair care

A revolution for your skin; 

Plaxpot Plasma treatment

Plasma Plaxpot is a new revolutionary method of cosmetic procedure that requires no cutting of the skin, no injectable anaesthetics, minimal downtime with surgery like results that can last up to five years.

During the procedure Plasma is created by electrical energy from the device, which at the right distance from the skin ionizes the oxygen and nitrogen in the air to create a small plasma arc, similar to a tiny lightning bolt. When this hits the skin it vaporizes any liquid in the skin at the point of contact, the surrounding skin tightens around it, giving a shrinking and lifting effect. Even though skin layers get vaporised by the plasma (via heating, fragmentation and vaporization), they do not burn off, they simply flake off a few days later as part of the healing process. The skin fibroblasts are stimulated to produce collagen and elastin giving a further tightening effect. Effects are visible right away, full results start to occur after 8-12 weeks.

Skin care: Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Scientifically proven to produce new collagen, for the treatment of fine wrinkles, improve redness and scaring,  Lighten Pigmentation spots and sun damage & hair reduction.

The Laser rejuvenation procedure uses a non-invasive laser technology. This safely, naturally and effectively can treat  fine line wrinkles through increasing collagen generation, It can also be used to reduce redness and scaring. After each treatment. you can expect to see a progressive improvement. Such treatments are performed on a relaxed setting, are not uncomfortable and do not require any form of anesthetic. Hair reduction couldn't be more easy! Minimal pain and great results, this service is highly customized so that each client can achieve their desired results without compromise.

Clients describe their treatment as relaxing and therapeutic, that produces a gentle warming of the skin's surface which is cooled topically to ensure the integrity of the skin during the procedure. It is important to use a sun screen at all times when having IPL treatment however you can return to normal activities immediately.

On average, you may require six to eight treatments (for hair Reduction) in order to achieve optimal results. Each patient's condition and needs vary. Laser assists to restore the skin's youthful glow and appearance through subtle changes that can add up to quite dramatic changes.

Come try it for yourself

Explore the services we offer and find what you need, call for a chat or pop in, have a consultation and book your appointment. You will find all our staff friendly and welcoming, we are here to help you achieve your style goals. We are sure you will be very happy with our service. .